RANT: Internet People are Garbage.

Well, it’s called the Garbage Emporium for some reason, and that’s why I feel it’s necessary (but not really) to talk about what’s been going on so far.


This is Jon “JonTron” Jafari, he’s a famous person on the internet, at least that’s what I’ve been told. He was formally someone from a video game playing channel called “Game Grumps” but a year ago left to pursue other interests.

He’s been called an asshole because.


Instead of going “oops”, he doubled down and went “it’s a joke, lighten up”.


This is Anita Sarkeesian. She is the writer and host of “Feminist Frequency” and has a video series called “Tropes vs Women in Games”.

She was harassed with death threats because she has opinions about video games.

This is one person’s perspective on video games, the same way JonTron has another perspective on video games. They might be “both wrong” or “both right”.


This is Tim Schafer.

He made Grim Fandango and a bunch of other games, including Broken Age, which was funded on Kickstarter for a hundred million kajillion dollars or something.


He went on his personal twitter and linked to Anita’s Video.

What happened next is something really silly.

tim2 tim3 tim4

Jon “JonTron” Tron decided to comment disagreeing with Tim Schafer.

Tim Schafer, a guy who makes video games, getting told off by a guy who makes videos involving just PLAYING video games, probably even Tim Schafers.

Now if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m pretty much siding with Tim on this one. (The clue should be the fact I hit “blocked” on JonTron’s tweets, it’s fun to ignore!)

tim5 tim6

Here’s where I ended up laughing my ass off.

“Mobbing your fanbase on me, because I have an opinion.”

Now, look, we COULD ignore the recent events where he called things retarded.
We COULD ignore the fact he just told-off someone who didn’t even MAKE the video, that he’s wrong for promoting a video.

But one thing I just can’t seem to ignore

“Mobbing your fanbase on me because I have an opinion”


Fucking what?

I’m sorry….

But Anita has an opinion too. She has an audience too.

Maybe she blocked the ratings/comments because of the vile nature of the messages?


Because nooooo, she doesn’t get attacked by a fanbase, because she has opinions on video games.

Maybe she is trying to make a video, and remove comments/ratings, because she knows that it will attack the stereotypical teenage male audience.


Look, video games are an entertainment medium, that should be for all audiences. Rather it’s age, gender, sexuality, race or whatever. It’s a medium that’s intended for everyone.

The problem is that “gaming” (or “gamers”) are stereotyped as being teenage white males, probably with neckbeards, probably with trilbys, probably with a hidden passion for My Little Pony.

It’s not.

There are more adult women (18+) who play games than teenage boys (18 or less), and make up about 50% of the userbase in video games.

While men have been “accepted” in playing video games, women have pretty much gotten the ol’ “make me a sandwich” line on X-Box Live for so many years.

Probably along with “Suck my cock, you whore” (but it’s cool bro, because it’s just a game, gg man)



This is Zoe Quinn. She recently made a video game that’s FREE called Depression Quest, that’s a teaching tool for how to understand what it feels going through Depression. It’s actually a pretty good “game”.

But recently she’s in hot water, because she bonked a few game journalists.

And she tried to take down erotic pictures of herself on the internet.

There was a video on the internet from a person who defines himself with an Adjective followed by his Name (like all “badass” youtube people do) and pretty much, for lack of anything else – called her a whore.

A guy called her a whore, and said she slept with game journalists so they could talk about their game.

Have I had sex with Zoe? Nope. But I just brought up her game, and gave it a good review.

This video was taken down, because, well what do you know, it’s defamatory to Zoe, and pretty much doesn’t do anything to support “fair use” or let alone have an opinion that can be backed up with ‘facts’ (except for “SO AND SO WORKS HERE AND HE’S A JOURNALIST”)

While that video has taken down, people have now decided to call it a “Quinnspiracy” that she is still relevant, and her game is talked about. Instead of maybe, the game itself, and probably “Hey, look, it’s a female game developer, that’s pretty rare”.

Yes, there are other game developers out there that are women… yes they probably worked on better games. Some don’t care about the limelight, they just want to make video games. But for some reason, those that do, and are “pretty vocal” get harassed easily.


This is Phil Fish.

He made Fez.

He tweets shit about video games, and one time quit the internet because people hated what he had to say.

He also is opinionated about video games.

He was disgusted by what people had to say about video games (and what they had to say to him about video games) that he stopped Fez 2 and has ended developing video games, because the audience is pretty horrifying.


And this is John Smedley.

He is the President of Sony Online Entertainment, and his plane was detoured to Phoenix after the alleged hackers for PSN decided to prank American Airlines by telling them there was a bomb on the plane.

now, what if there WAS a bomb on the plane?

what if that bomb was planted BY this hacking group?

and what if that bomb blew up, killing hundreds of innocent people, and one John Smedley?

This is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

What if every death threat ever given to a person came true?

Yes, as hilariously awful as “man/woman dies because opinions about video games”.

It’s something that I feel is growing closer and closer to reality.


You have the “social justice warriors” who are at the extreme end of everything isn’t fair in video games, that it needs to have 85 different mechanics, warnings, and filters to make the game accommodating to everybody. That it winds up just being “Barney’s Hide and Seek” but with warnings to those who have a fear of purple dinosaurs. And maybe pedophilia, because I never found their parents in that game.


You have extreme “man’s rights” people, who feel that feminism is a joke, and can not stand change in their beloved “video games”, things must remain status-quo with shitty space marines in shitty space shooting shitty guns at shitty aliens or zombies or who gives a fuck. And are either having this side because they are “sick of the social justice” or want to ‘fuck with social justice because it’s funny”.


Play video games.

No, don’t give opinions on video games. Don’t play video games for the purpose of making internet content. Just play video games.

Because it shouldn’t matter

What JonTron says

What Anita says

What Schafer says

What Zoe says

What Fish says

What Smedley says

or even WHAT I SAY.

It’s a medium, just like movies and music, where if you don’t like it. You could change it. And if you do like it, your money is your vote.

You don’t need to tweet your opinion on the subject
You don’t need to harass people on the internet over the subject

You don’t need to write a giant wall of text about it either (like I just did)

All you have to do, is just play video games.

What will bring joy? Playing video games.

No, you won’t be “famous” by playing video games WITHOUT a capture card.
No, you won’t be “famous” by bitching about them on a camera.

But at least you will get the purest experience in playing a video game.

Ignore Reviews.
Ignore Rants.
Ignore Let’s Plays.

Just play video games.

2 thoughts on “RANT: Internet People are Garbage.

  1. “Ignore Reviews.
    Ignore Rants.
    Ignore Let’s Plays.

    Just play video games.”

    For the most part, this.

    Personal experience is better than listening to another person’s experience.

    Everyone has different tastes. One person will hate a game with a passion, while another will love it with a passion.

    A lot of people hate Megaman X6 for its flaws, and because X5 was the intended final game in the X series. That doesn’t stop Megaman X6 from being my favorite X game FOR its flaws and because X5 was too underwhelming of a game to end the series on.

    If we resign ourselves to relying on other people’s opinion about games, movies, etc, we only close my minds to potentially enjoying new experiences.

    On the other hand, reviews and Let’s Plays and stuff raise awareness of lesser-known games. I would’ve never heard of half the retro games I know about without the smaller Let’s Players making videos, or Hardcore Gaming 101 reviewing them.

  2. VeilStig says:

    “No, don’t give opinions on video games. Don’t play video games for the purpose of making internet content. Just play video games.”

    Screw you Jordan! I’m gonna be a critically claimed vidya gaem journalist and you can’t stop me!!

    In all seriousness, I don’t see a problem with people expressing their concern/ opinion. If it means that much to them, than go right the fuck ahead. Just don’t expect everyone to agree and kiss your ass.

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