Why I really don’t care about E3.

E3. It’s today. It’s here in Los Angeles. As a kid, I was so excited when E3 was around the corner, because it was a time to reveal new games, show off trailers to upcoming games, and get excited about video games and the future of video games.

Every E3, I get excited, I make a list for every game I want to buy in the next year and pretty much don’t care if it totals $1,000 or so. I want to play them!

But this year, this year feels different. It seems like this year, I can’t get interested in the games.

For Microsoft, they will probably be pressing the smartglass, and showing off that new Halo video game. Possibly show off the return of Gears of War and other Microsoft-Exclusives, in addition to probably a “new layout” and “the pricedrop”… and I won’t be excited, because almost all the games I’d want to see are multi-console

For Sony, they will probably be showing off some Vita Games some PS4 games announce Uncharted 4 or something, and I will just get excited for other video games… that might end up on Steam as well in the near future.

And Nintendo, they will announce that Mario Builder game, and a couple more Nintendo Properties, possibly show another Smash Brothers Trailer.

Ubisoft will push another Assassins Creed Game, another Rayman game and Tease Watch Dogs 2

EA will push their racing games, their sports games, and then show a Mirrors Edge 2 Trailer.

I love Mirrors Edge 2. I already know I want to buy that game… but I don’t really NEED to see a trailer for it.

It seems for most of this stuff, we are going to see trailers and announcements, and everybody I know will post the same trailers to Batman : Arkham Knight and Assassins Creed 5 everywhere.

And everybody will post the same 3 or 4 “embarassing” moments that will be meme-worthy. Maybe that pissed off luigi will make an appearance at this year’s Nintendo conference?

I am probably going to go through every trailer again, see how many of them say “PREORDER NOW AT GAMESTOP” and then cringe.

I know it’s all about selling a video game, but to me… that very method of selling, that feeling that you aren’t getting the full game even when it comes out, is what leaves me regretting watching this.

1. You preorder the game (for DLC)

2. You wait for the game

3. You buy the game

4. You input those stupid codes for the DLC

5. You play the game.

6. Suddenly your game now has more DLC

7. There is a season pass that you buy

8. Well there is a Game of the Year Edition and you buy that too…

9. You get apathy.



Me, I just want to play some fun games, games that are stupid, but addictive and fun. I want a Mario Party or a Crazy Taxi… and I don’t get any of that…. and at E3, I am pretty sure I am going to see the same buzzcut guy shooting guns or open world game where stuff blows up.

While interesting, it won’t strike my fancy enough to care to see a trailer… EVEN IF THERE ARE WAREWOLVES AND GHOSTS…



Your Thoughts?

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