The Lego Movie (in 500 words or less)

I am not trying to do a gimmick, I am not trying to do anything “interesting”, I just want to see if I can review a movie in less than 500 words. And that movie is “THE LEGO MOVIE”. Now most of the people who want to see this movie, probably already saw it, but to those that haven’t seen it yet. I will provide just a few things, and SPOILERS BECAUSE IT NEEDS TO BE DONE

The LEGO Movie is a story about a construction worker named Emitt who lives in a day-to-day instruction guide, listen to a top 40 hit, buy a coffee, watch “where’s my pants?” and repeat. But that ends up going south, when he goes “off-the-instruction guide” by accident and finds himself finding a piece that could save the world (from the evil “Lord Business”) as he becomes “The Special” of master builders.

As a whole, the movie is charming, wonderful animation and a fantastic soundtrack. Batman was a “dudebro” and a spaceman wanted to build a spaceship. The first act, in which we learn about Emitt, WyldStyle and Lord Business, is a ton of exposition and explanation of the world that they are trying to create, which is a little boring, but easily disguised with the “kids jokes” and crazy overexpressions. When it enters “Act 2” (which is from the point he is “the special” and ultimately learns it was made-up, that he wasn’t special) is when the movie gets it’s groove and becomes somewhat of a silly fun movie about somebody who had no real talents, learning to find his place in the world. But when it reaches the final act, when the KraGle (Krazy Glue) starts sticking everywhere and becomes the WMD of the universe, is when the movie reaches it’s ultimate story and ultimate lesson.

Because in the big conclusion, the lego universe and story was created by a child in his dad’s basement. The Dad, played by Will Farrel who also voices Lord Business, acts exactly like the villian at first. Letting him know that the designs are meant for sculpting by the design and being perfect, while the kid, who bares the same ideals of “the master builders” believes it’s a toy that’s used to express creativity and imagination. When the father discovers some of these creations, he is impressed by the son’s creativity, as well as the story of Emitt, the construction worker who isn’t a hero, that he allows him to build the world and finish the story together. Lord Business stops the KraGle and becomes friends with Emitt, while the dad and son remove the krazy glue, Lord Business and Emitt “spray the town” with the remover and they leave together as friends. Learning about the importance of creativity, imagination, and finding your talents. It ends with Taco Tuesday and a replay of that “Everything is Awesome” song. They made fun of the concept of a LEGO Movie, and made something that’s amazing.

Go See It! +4

Your Thoughts?

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