My Top 10 Games of the Year…

I’ve been holding off on this article, because for starters, LOOK AT ALL OF THOSE 2013 YEAR IN REVIEW THINGS TO READ. And second, because in this year, 2014, I don’t really have any plans to play video games that often. PS4 nor Xbox One have anything that sells me on their console, and as far as PC games are concerned, I will give them a possible chance.

So what am I looking forward for 2014? Nothing…

10. Bit Trip Runner 2 : Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

Bit Trip Runner 2

This game must have slipped under the radar from so many Top 10 Game Lists, because of titles like “The Last of Us” and “Gone Home”, but for me, I like something that’s silly, and I got that from Bit Trip Runner 2. Commander Video is back, and it has the same amount of faux nintendo, mixed with a great soundtrack that is very addicted. The best part about this game is the Narrator and it’s Saturday Morning Cartoon Atmosphere.

9. Cloudberry Kingdom

cloudberry kingdom

Another forgotten game would have to be Cloudberry Kingdom. Some people compare it to Super Meat Boy in difficulty, but unlike Super Meat Boy, you have unlimited levels in this game, I am not joking. The biggest seller I have on this game is a level creator in which you don’t have to do anything. It is all randomly generated and no two levels are the same (unless you’re in story mode). It’s worth it to have this in your collection, where even if you suffer from “gamer fatigue” (when you stop playing a game, and when you try to get back you suck horribly at it) it can pick you back up.

8. Ducktales : Remastered

Ducktales Remastered

I was a fan of Ducktales for the NES, but found it a bit hard. This game gives me unlimited lives, and the voice cast from Ducktales. I am one happy manchild. It’s the ultimate nostalgia game, and they improved on a system that works with great visuals and an updated soundtrack.

7. The Stanley Parable


This is a review of a game called “The Stanley Parable”. It’s a silly little game involving a narrator commanding the player into doing actions, while you have the ability to ignore the narrator’s actions, it’s impossible to ignore the narrator. Each outcome that you play out comes with a consequence in what appears to be a simple “dialogue tree” of “choose your own adventure”. I am only bummed out that the game on for a few minutes at a time. If the game had more choices and endings, I would be happier. But for it’s price and it’s sense of humor, it’s worth picking up.

6. Divekick


I don’t know a thing about the fighting game community other than the chatrooms are filled with sexist, homophobic and racist teenagers looking to be shocking for attention. Divekick however plays off these tropes apparently, but I ignored it for it’s fast-paced simple design. It’s a game that is exactly what it says – It’s simple to understand, but difficult to master. Two buttons – Dive and Kick and an hour of endless party going fun. Have tournaments! Eat Pizza! Have a good time!

5. Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4

Saints Row started off getting compared to Grand Theft Auto, by the time “The Third” was released, it became it’s own niche thing with over-the-top things. And in “The 4th” you get something that’s prototype or infamous with an open world and superpowers, but somehow it still keeps up the comedy and the rocking soundtrack. That’s right, I glided around listening to “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie.

4. GTA V


Grand Theft Auto 5 gets shit on a lot by “gamers” because of how “dudebros buy the game” (probably the same kinds of people who drink mountain dew eat doritos and play call of duty as well, right?). It was the fastest selling video game of 2013, but it was also one of the best games to come out in 2013. It still followed the formula of a sandbox to do whatever (I only wish they kept the ragdoll effects on just a few songs longer), and this time followed along three different people, which actually worked in terms of story. The problem with this game (which so many people had) was that they marathoned the fuck out of this game, instead of taking a break and admiring the missions as they showed up. The better part of GTA5 was Grand Theft Auto Online, but honestly since I wrote that article about it, I haven’t played it that much. But visually appealing, especially on a PS3.

3.  Injustice : Gods Among Us


This came as a real surprise to me. In 2012, I was hardly literate on comic books. And while I thought “Deadpool” would be a better game, I got out of that book and made the switch to DC Comics. And already I was fucking confused… NEW 52? WHAT HAPPENED HERE AND THERE AND WHO IS THIS GUY? But Injustice actually edged me into that world of DC Comics, it reminded me how cool Bane was before Nolanverse, and how awesome Nightwing is as a character…. yeah…. Nightwing….. wish they had Red Hood though.

2. Bioshock Infinite


There is nothing I hate more than jumpscares. Bioshock Infinite has a few jumpscares. But I put it up higher on the list, because I feel this game is what needs to be used as an example for “Video Games are Art”, from character design, to level design to the soundtrack to the special effects, Every little piece of this video game has a story and is fantastic in telling the story of not just Booker Dewitt, but Columbia. I can’t wait for the next game involving a man, a lighthouse and a utopia to come out!

1. DmC : Devil May Cry

DmC Devil May Cry

Everybody saw this coming. At least anybody who knows me. For the last three years, I heard nothing but trash from “die-hard” devil may cry fans “OH THIS DANTE IS EMO! EDWARD CULLEN! FAGGOT” and all I could do is be optimistic and give this game a shot. Not only is this Devil May Cry a good game, it might be my favorite in the series (tying with DMC3). Yes, it’s a “gritty reboot” and you can play that “fuck you” cutscene as much as you want as an anthesis to my article. But that’s your opinion, and this is my opinion. My favorite video game of 2013 was DmC : Devil May Cry. I loved the visuals of the levels, I loved the soundtrack of the game (Noisia and Combichrist) and I loved the back-and-forth fighting between light and dark attacks. I even would give credit to the writing, as Dante’s character does speak on behalf of the player (or in which case me) in times when I just defeated a wave of enemies, and a new wave just spawns onto the pack, and all dante can do is give an almost-defeated “ah fuck” at the same time I give an almost-defeated “ah fuck”, we have something in common. I really hope they give Ninja Theory more in the sequel, even if Capcom doesn’t have the money. Because this is one game, I am looking forward to a sequel!

Your Thoughts?

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