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just a warning, to not just these people, but yours as well.


but i would not be surprised if they repeat this song over and over as a substitute to waterboarding.

Bank of America, your business is a joke.


Preface – I had my identity stolen at a really young age (social and all that) and the guy had an account at Bank of America and accrued more than $100,000 in unpaid debt. I still don’t have a bank account and live off cash alone. Because of this company. Sure, they claim it’s “all fixed in the system”, but why get an account with them, when things like what I just saw happen?

I have multiple emails, but the one that I make publicly (for the sake of “internet”) is (hey, email me there sometime)

Now sometimes, I get emails from Lawyers from Washington DC or college kids wondering if Jordan is hanging out after his classes. And I sometimes respond with “wrong email”

Maybe you mean jordanhaas or jordan.hass or jordanhoss or some variation, but instead today, I got a letter from Bank of America in regards to someone’s account and a home loan of some sort. (I have a minor background in finance, so this isn’t new)

So it was not signed to me, but contained a TON of personal information about the guy. I quickly deleted the email, but NOT before screencapping what it said at the bottom.

I’m sorry B of A, but when you send “confidential” information to somebody, please make sure you have the right email address, maybe make sure somebody’s SS# among other things AREN’T given out like candy at Halloween via something unsafe like an email.

Because while my morals are telling me “yeah, delete this”. Another part of me is thinking “if this fell into the wrong hands, this guy’s finances will be destroyed just like mine”. I think you have a problem with your system Bank of America, and you need to sort it out, and sort it out FAST!

Because I might have done the noble thing by deleting the email, but there are bad guys in the world who would’ve loved to have that and sell-off for a few dollars. ¬†You shouldn’t just leave a footer that says “OH AND IF THIS ISN’T YOU, DELETE IT”, because it shows that you aren’t taking responsibility for these kinds of issues. You’re sending the email about by computer you will see who it’s “sending to” and change it.

I don’t have an account with “B of A” because you guys ruined my credit score as a kid, why should I even trust you now, when there are things like this out in the open? Why would you even email me, if I don’t have an account there?

Instead of telling people “here’s a form with personal information, please sign”, maybe instead, for safety and protection, give them a message via phone to tell them to come to any of the nearest banks to sign the damn thing there. Safety in Numbers (or lack thereof).

Now I just need credit, and maybe a bank account… I wonder if they are fixed…


spying on you showering, sending you tasty breadsticks


i mean they are making a comeback, i heard

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