Year in Review – November 2013



On one corner, Microsoft’s Third Console… the Xbox One. With it’s sleek design and library of games like… Call of Duty and Madden and it’s ability to watch television (if you hook it up to your cable box) it’s the ultimate entertainment machine. XBOX GO!

And in the other corner, Sony’s Fourth Console… The Playstation 4. With a library of games like… Call of Duty and Madden and it’s ability to stream games to your friends and pretty much make every game you want to play, a “Let’s Play”. Playstation is giving you a game console, and nothing else.

Two consoles, launched a week between each other. One with a $399 price tag, the other with a $499 price tag. And a lackluster game library… it’s too close to call who will win this “console war”. Probably because it doesn’t really matter that much.

Cartoon Network debuted the cartoon series “Steven Universe” about The Crystal Gems, and their partner Steven as they go save the world in various situations each week. It’s a cute show, and the writing for Steven is great, he isn’t a “dumb kid” or a “silly kid”, he’s pretty much just a kid… and my favorite thing about November.

Twitter also decided to go Public, so you can invest in 140 characters or less tweets like this:


And if you were a teenager, you were probably excited about THE HUNGER GAMES : CATCHING FIRE. The exciting sequel to that movie based off the reality show “Capture”. This time around The Katniss Returns for another game of life and death… or hopeless love… or some mix of both. May the odds be ever in your favor, at getting into this movie opening weekend.

Speaking of unsalable merchandise at Hot Topic… HAPPY 50 YEARS DOCTOR WHO! As they celebrated 50 years on the air by having every doctor except Christopher Eccleston showing up… considering he was my favorite… I didn’t watch it….

Call of Duty: Ghosts was released to the world, and all those fun consoles… including the ability to play as a dog… DOG GAME!

Oh and speaking of Ghost Dogs, Brian Griffin was killed off on Family Guy… WHICH MUST HAVE BEEN WORSE THAN THE DEATH OF NELSON MANDELA (which occurred shortly afterwards, but unfortunately, Brian came back after three weeks)


And finally “Twerk” was added to the Oxford Dictionary, and thus the downfall of civilization finally begins. I blame you, Miley Cyrus.

Your Thoughts?

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