Year in Review – September 2013


September raised a ton of questions.

And there was nothing that were more questions per minute than NBC’s Million Second Quiz. Questions like “What are the rules again?” “What just happened?” and “What else is on?”. Ryan Seacrest would ask questions in “bouts” that last a couple hundred seconds, then he does it again, and again, and again. Strangely, that was not as annoying as what else was available…

Everybody was covering their ears, cringing, or laughing along as one Ylvis Presley questioned audiences with “What Does the Fox Say?” But there was one animal that we never heard from…

Katy Perry, famous for playing Smurfette in the Smurfs movie showed us how she was a champion and you are gonna hear her roar-or-or-or-or OR-OR-OR-OR…not.

Because everybody was rather talking about Miley Cyrus… again. This time at the VMAs twerking with the Blurred Lines guy… it was almost like everything was leading up to this… twerking, blurred lines and stunned audience members.

As she came in like a wrecking ball… get it? I just referenced her song, even though this is two events that happened in the same month involving Miley Cyrus. SHE WAS NAKED ON A WRECKING BALL, I CAN’T COMPLAIN.

The “Twerk Train” continued as Jimmy Kimmel, famous for his show “The Tonight Show with David Letterman” showed to the world that a “FAIL VIDEO” orchestrated months ago, was actually just a prank that he pulled on the world.

And ABC debuted “Marvel’s Agents of Es, Ayche, Eye, Eee, El, Dee” an action show… with mild action. A superhero show… without superheroes. And a crime drama… without the crime or drama. You wonder are you still watching this because Coulsen still lives or because you are holding on your love of the Avengers movie or because you forget Arrow is on?

And we visited Los Santos in “Grand Theft Auto 5”, the fastest selling video game in the world. You have to wonder how many of those sales are people who aren’t “M for Mature”. In a first for the series you get to play as three people at the same time. An old guy, A black guy, and a Psychopath. You can steal cars, and run over people, so some things never change.

Unless you were talking to almost everybody on September 25th, in which BREAKING BAD ENDED. Don’t spoil how the show about the guy with lung cancer who dealt meth for five seasons ends… please don’t… oh it’s the obvious answer? okay. It was the best thing about September.

Michael J Fox returned to television with “The Michael J Fox Show”, but he didn’t play “Michael J Fox”, but he did play a guy with Parkinson’s Disease, and while they were good-natured jokes. You don’t know if you were supposed to laugh, cry, or cringe…

And Cedric the Entertainer was the new host of Millionaire, and he was PUDDIN’ IN YO BANK some money. It’s not necessarily “Steve Harvey Feud” but it is a fun show to watch, with funny contestants and funny host. It’s a show with personality.

Your Thoughts?

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