Year in Review – June 2013


Kids graduated from high school or college, threw their hats in the air and celebrated the ability to get a basic education…. and then they sat on their ass and watched stuff.

In June, Nik Wallenda decided to tightrope walk across The Grand Canyon on live television. OH GOD OH GOD being shouted plenty of times, with people wondering “Why was he attached to that rope? that’s not exciting.”

The biggest party of the summer, was Miley Cyrus, who again had another single with “We can’t stop”. In which you can witness her trying to be provocative as a way for getting people to forget she was ever TV’s Hannah Montana.

Oh, yeah...

Also, the $99 “Android Console”, the Ouya was created…. and nothing good ever happened. Complaints about it’s slow download times, it’s buggy controls and the design of the controller made it a laughing stock of the internet. Your Kickstarter dollars at work, people.

But for Playstation Gamers, they were too busy playing “The Last of Us”. A spooky horror game, that actually was less about the monsters that attack you, and more on the relationship of the two main protagonists.

One of my favorite characters, Deadpool ended up getting his own video game. In “Deadpool” you play as Deadpool, the Merc-with-a-mouth. Too bad that “mouth” ends up repeating itself… and you got every joke in that trailer… I’m not kidding.

And don’t forget in movies, as “Man of Steel” came out. Remember “The Dark Knight” and how people loved Batman? What with we gave that same tone to Superman? Well, that’s New 52 in DC Comics… but I guess it holds true with movies as well. The lovable superhero who has a severe allergy to Kryptonite is sad, and depressed and OH LETS DESTROY METROPOLIS

Whose Line is It Anyway returned to television in 2013… Featuring Ryan, Colin, Wayne and somebody else… OH AND AISHA “#Girlwood” TYLER WAS HOST! That’s right, but instead of ABC or ABC Family, they put it on the channel where teenagers have already made gifsets of half their shows – The CW!

Or you were glued to ABC’s “Murder Mystery” game show “Whodunnit” in which contestants would try and figure out how their contestants were play-murdered, in the hopes of not being next to be play-murdered. It was from the creator of CSI and was the best part about June…

And CBS premiered “Under the Dome” based off the book, that might be based on BioDome or The Simpsons Movie in which people lived inside a giant “Pop-o-matic” Trouble Popper, looking to escape. I didn’t watch a single episode due to the Time Warner Cable/CBS fight that was going on… SO THANKS FOR THAT!

Your Thoughts?

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