Year in Review – April 2013


April, what an upbeat month, that is full of practical jokes, paying off taxes and other minor inconveniences…

For starters, Google Glass was finally shown and able for “BETA” testing. Now instead of looking like that weirdo talking to yourself with your bluetooth headset. You could look like a weirdo looking up sports scores, imdb facts, and porno by yelling it to yourself. What an amazing future we will have.

Hey remember that “Gangnam Style” guy? Well he was back in April with his new song “Gentlemen”. While people will argue that it was better than his original “Gangnam Style”. It’s like comparing “Scatman” to “Scatman’s World”, a lethal combination.

People were Fandangoing… after the WWE Superstar Fandango… probably because they were drunk or something…

Because nobody cared, they were too busy getting up all night to “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. Which was the start of this year’s hot hot summer jams, or cool jams as the case may be. Listening to this song sounded like we were back in the 1980s…

Injustice : Gods Among Us came out, a fun little comic book fighting game… in which. WAIT NIGHTWING IS IN THIS! RICHARD GRAYSON LET ME HUG YOU! I mean… it’s Batman vs Superman and other DC Comics characters. They might have a bad year in terms of “every other medium” but damn it, they at least got a fighting game. It was my favorite part about April.

NBC made a television show based on Silence of the Lambs… well okay Hannibal Lector, called Hannibal, of course. You’d think it’ll be a funny sitcom about a lovable cannibal who “bites off more than he could chew”… but no… he just eats people… kinda like Dexter, but without the whole “it’s people who deserve it” mentality.

And ABC made a splash… well okay more of a flop… a belly flop if it were, with “Splash” in which celebrities would jump into water. The best part of the show was Louie Anderson, but if you ask me, I’d rather have seen him on “Celebrity Wipeout” jumping on the Big Balls.

Or maybe even BABIES as ABC also premiered their show “Bet on Your Baby”, which surprisingly wasn’t a quiz show in which wrong answers meant losing custody rights to your 4 month old, but rather a show in which parents would pretty much gamble on stunts performed by their 4 year old child based on Child Development… with the ultimate winner playing Deal or No Deal, but for their kid’s college to be paid for… Sponsored by Proctor and Gamble.

And finally, a Bombing took place during the Boston Marathon…. there is nothing funny or clever to really put here. I just felt that was an important news event that happened that some people might have forgotten.

Your Thoughts?

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