Year in Review – February 2013


February was the month where you had two kinds of viral videos going on…

It started with a Norwegian Army…

And then suddenly everybody was “doing the harlem shake” which from what I gather always starts with the same thing.

  • Group of people do nothing “interesting”, one guy dances in a silly costume or in general
  • As soon as the music pick ups, a jump cut is established and the group of people start spazzing out on camera, having epileptic seizures, or dry humping things around them with minimal clothing for the sake of humor.


You could take a gallon of milk do the classic “prat fall” and throw the gallon of milk at produce, passers-by, or the floor to make a silly mess for some guy to clean up as you don’t pay for the spilled milk and try and call it “a funny prank”.

“Gallon Smashing” or as it’s now known as “Stupid” did have another big surprise happen in 2013…

Yeah kids, go ahead and get upset and apologize. It was REALLY sincere, I mean you obviously didn’t do that stunt to get people to like you. Because you did the reverse, you got people to hate you. Stick to Prank Calls.

Maybe they wanted to appear on Shaquille O’Neills “YouTube Viral Video” series “Upload”, which is like Tosh.0, Rediculousness, or just about anything else you’ve seen… BUT WITH SHAQ!

Or you were watching Oz: Great and the Powerful for some reason. It was the “Wizard of Oz 2” of our generation, as we wonder why did you need to even bring back Wizard of Oz? Let alone tell the story of the Wizard who ran it.

People were playing “Aliens : Colonial Marines” and I use that term loosely, because unless you did it “ironically” there was no real reason to play it other than to laugh at the glitches that the game had. This would be the first game in the long line of “horribly rushed titles that would end up sucking”.

Or perhaps playing the Hack-and-Slash “Metal Gear Rising : Revengance” in which you play Raiden, who slashes things with his sword as enemies and props go flying across the screen like ZOOOOOOM!

And for some people, they were once again watching “The Super Bowl” for one thing, The Commercials…

Or watching Robot Combat League, a show in which people play rock em sock em robots, with the last one standing winning a cash prize. It was hosted by Chris Jericho, who looked like had better things to do with his time.

Or maybe you were just sitting in the theater watching A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD… which did you know he was on vacation? That’s the gag…

Or got your Identity Stolen in THE FUNNIEST MOVIE™ Identity Thief, starring some people from some sitcoms.

Or what I was really doing – playing Bit Trip Runner 2 all month, because it’s an addictive platform collection game, and I love how it syncs with music, it’s just a wonderfully addictive game.

But my choice for “Best Thing of February” was the Game Proteus, in which you essentially just calmly walk around staring at something that looks like an old Windows 95 screensaver… and that’s it…. it’s the most peaceful game available, and a great game to just “pick up and relax”.

Your Thoughts?

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