I let a video game award show bother me….


So Saturday, was the VGX (X stands for Ten, not Extreme as everybody originally thought) and more or less, they answered the problem that they’ve always had – “too many stars, not enough video games”. What they did instead was broadcast three hours straight of video game trailers along with actual awards given to characters and developers as they showed it off.

While last years was an insult to people’s intelligence because of it’s “gala event” style, this year was more casual, but still an insult to people’s intelligences in the form of keeping up with “gamer culture”. Joel McHale did NOT want to be there, it was a clear disaster…

In the span of the three hours, we were treated to 14 video games, and legitimately, none of them excited me at all. Some were interesting IPs, but unless you like killing zombies or fighting mechas, there really isn’t anything exciting going on. It all felt like AAA titles that GameStop was gonna tell you to preorder the next time you enter their store….

And in a way, THAT was the most depressing thought of the night. It was three hours, and I wasn’t impressed nor excited about it at all. I made a video that was pretty much this text, but in the form of “being sad”. I feel that over the years you see people get ANGRY at the VGAs, you see people EXCITED about the video game awards, but you never see anybody sad… and I was trying to do that. It did kill video games for me for quite a while (but if I told people in the video upfront “there aren’t any games out there that attract me, and the VGX confirmed that still”, I would still get silly comments)


Gotta love today’s youth, they are so young and oblivious, it’s just amazing. Well, I had to delete the video because people were taking the wrong way. (I personally deleted it because I felt that it went on too long to illustrate a point I could make in this blog post)

And here’s what I have to say – Video Games, in general, could never be taken as seriously as Oscars or Music. You could try your best to even call it “interactive entertainment” or even as “art”, but society still sees it as “dumb kids stuff”. And the best way to make an Awards Show is NOT by judging it based on the platform or style (Best Racing, Best PS3, Best Mobile), but rather on what really matters, the technical stuff that goes into it.

Best Character Design

Best Level Design

Best Control

Best Soundtrack

Best Screenplay

Best Actor

Best Motion Capture

and it keeps going on… there are so many nooks and crannies such as audio design, motion control, and direction, that goes unnoticed. While it might be boring hearing from these people, it at least promotes the real hardwork that goes into a video game, besides what a press release, ongoing spots on gametrailers, and large amounts of sales to tell me otherwise.

The reason I feel like “stepping away from video games”, is simply because it’s not really getting the satisfaction that it deserves. It’s more or less HOW ABOUT THAT BATTLEFIELD 4? WASN’T THAT FUCKING BITCHIN’? LOOK AT THIS TRAILER TO AN UPCOMING SURVIVAL HORROR GAME FROM PEWDIEPIE CONSUME! CONSUME DAMN IT!

And Joel McHale looking ready to off himself if he had to stay a second longer than he had to…. it wasn’t that good. Every year VGAs amazes me as it gets worse and worse… this was a step in the RIGHT direction, but the length and the “exclusive game trailers” weren’t that exciting. Maybe as another “announce IP” day like E3, PAX, GDC, Tokyo Game Show… but meh… it was horrible, and not even in a “funny because it’s bad” way.

So for those of you needing bullet points

  • I wanted to watch VGX to see the exclusive games, and MAYBE look forward to something in 2014
  • There was nothing to look forward to in 2014, for me. Maybe you, but not me.
  • I made a “depressing video” and as are kids on the internet, “sad” = “drama” = “trollbait”. (If you really want people to get your attention, get either over-the-top angry over something useless, or cry over something that’s common. They are both easy attractors)
  • I think Video Game Awards should be rewarded on technical, not “hype/selling/AAA”
  • People take video games seriously.

That’s about it…. just please remind the Jordan from 2014 to NOT watch next years Video Game Awards, because it really bummed the shit out of you. And you FINALLY got to see PewDiePie (and realized, oh he’s popular on the internet because he’s obnoxious and over-the-top, and jumpcuts… of course)

Trust me kids, I’m probably gonna be playing a shitload of games on Steam… and finally see what the commotion is all about. There is nothing to look forward to in 2014 for me in games, but there are PLENTY of games to play… in 2014….

…or I could just play board games…

…or I could take up a new hobby….

…or I could work on my acting because it’s apparently bad.

Your Thoughts?

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