“Untitled Video Game Competition Show”


In another great “game show” idea, I decided to explain my idea of a “video game” “game show” which instead of coming up with another half-assed video game related pun name “GAME OVER” “BUTTON MASHING” (hint hint)

I decided to just give this a video game competition show title.

Video Game Competition Show is a competition show in which four contestants start the day, but at the end, one will be left standing to play for “a prize package” and then return for a chance at $10,000.

Each episode/season has five episodes.

Each episode has 4 contestants, in each round, one person is eliminated until one is left standing.


Four players are introduced, and a video game will be decided. More than likely a FPS video game will be played. Whoever is the “lowest” scoring player is eliminated from the game. In the event of a tie, the “highest” scoring player will then eliminate the contestant.

Alternatively, a “Race” could be played in a racing game, with the lowest placed contestant eliminated.

Alternatively, a “Time Trial” could be placed on a racing game or an action/adventure game.

Alternatively, a “Round Robin” could be played in a Fighting Game, to determine who is eliminated.

Alternatively, a “Party Game” could be played (Mario Party) where the least amount of coins will be eliminated (after 5 turns)

Alternatively, a “High Score Challenge” could be played on a retro video game with the lowest scorer eliminated.


With three players left, this is when a “high score challenge” could be placed on a retro video game, or a “time trial” on who can do a particular mission in a video game the fastest.

Whoever scores the lowest, or is the slowest in the action game is eliminated from the game.

Just like the round before it, it could be played in a “round robin” for a fighting game, or possibly a three-person capture the flag mode or possibly a horde mode with the first player to die being eliminated.


In the duel, a fighting game is played (or any kind of 1 on 1 game such as a “sports” title) with whoever winning the fight, or scoring the most kills/points being the champion.

It too, could be played on various modes and difficulties – such as a “high score” challenge in a music/rhythm game, or a “time trial” with a difficult mission in a video game.

Whoever does the best, wins the game and moves onto the final round


In the final round, the player selects the “prize” they want to play for – (which more or less is either – a Console of their choice + 2 Games with Television or a Gaming PC with Monitor)

And then they are given one final game, which only they could complete. More than likely it will be a “Boss Battle” in an adventure game or some bizarre challenge like “kill 10 people in 1 minute” to anything.

If they are able to beat the challenge, they win the prize.

If they fail, they get a $100 gift card to GameStop or Best Buy or whatever.

In the 5th Episode, all four “champions” return, but instead of a game console – it’s $10,000. A “Mission Failed” in the Bonus Round Still Earns The Champion $1,000.

It’s the “chopped” format but for video games…. and really, any game is up for grab… if used properly… things like a “score challenge” in Pokemon Snap or a “time trial” in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is up for grabs. The games change each episode, except for the “final challenge” unless it’s completed.


Your Thoughts?

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