“Five Minutes”

Here’s another game show pitch to steal or say it’s bad or whatever… It’s 1:35 AM and I’m tired… but I want to write this out, because I can.


Five minutes is (another) stunt/game show in which four contestants could win up to $50,000 in cash. $5,000 of which is guaranteed to one of them.

This game is a “stunt” show in which four contestants have a personal clock set at “5:00” (Five Minutes) and must complete a task or stunt in each round, that’s designed to cut away time.


The first three rounds are called “Time Trials” in which contestants must complete a challenge in the allotted amount of time left on their clocks. In the event they run out of time during any of these challenges, they are instantly eliminated from the game.

Various challenges include…

  • Swinging from a rope and landing on a platform. If they miss, they must swim back and swing again.
  • Going to a library and finding a particular book (with title and author)
  • Balancing a Ball on a Pedestal and Running Towards the Finish Line.
  • Going through a “laser” maze, but tripping on the laser means starting all over.
  • Climbing and Jumping out of a ball-pit.
  • Throwing Darts To Pop 3 Balloons (with only three darts, if they miss, they must run over, grab the darts and throw again)
  • Transferring a flag from one point to another.
  • Running up three flights of stairs to grab “words” that when unscrambled bring up the name of a popular movie.
  • Making a cup tower with a base of 10 (then 9, 8…) if it falls, they must keep going.


Any contestants remaining after the three time trials, will play a “Time Breaker” tie-breaker. Contestants are placed in order from least to most time. One-by-one a contestant will be asked a general knowledge trivia question. If they answer it correctly, time passes to the next player, who must answer a question correctly. When time runs out, that contestant is eliminated, with the last player standing getting a guaranteed $5,000 and an attempt at $50,000.


Using the time they have left after the time-trial and possible time breaker, the contestant has any time left to “crack the code” and win $50,000. The code is a simple 4 digit code. They press buttons on a keypad, and then it’ll reveal how many are right (green) how many are right, but in the wrong place (yellow) and how many are wrong (red).  If the contestant can correctly crack the code in the time left, they will win $50,000. If they fail, they won $5,000.

3 thoughts on ““Five Minutes”

  1. That sounds like some excellent daytime game show fun. Possibly even something that GSN could try.

    • Jordan says:

      It’s cheap enough, all you need are an assortment of challenges (the walk across a 10 foot pole) or “make one half court shot” (if you miss, you must retrieve the ball, and start again)

      With the simple rule of “If you’re out of time, you’re out of the game”.

  2. Jordan says:

    Walk along a 6×6 grid and go from one corner and pick left or right in the hopes of making it towards the end (in a diamond shape) and if you pick wrong, start again while the design doesn’t change….

    Open christmas presents to find russian dolls and assemble them in the right order.

    Open envelopes that contain all 26 letters and try and come up with a valid word of 5 letters or more.

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