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Between having a podcast with my good friend while watching Netflix Instant, and chatting about Plopics with Adventure Club’s John J. I am trying to do a bunch of writing gigs to bring you guys the joy that you come to expect from my writing (all four of you)

Well I have some news to break – I am still writing for this blog, but in addition to this – I am gonna start writing for a new blog with some of your favorite writers (aka the people I normally talk to that you know) as we write some reviews, spill some news, and post some youtube videos – anything to get some daily content.

But unlike, say, Busy Street – in which it was overtaken by obsessive fanboys wanting us to destroy the internet. This is going to be the kinds of articles that people loved – like looking at weird crap at Goodwill and reviewing video games as some weirdos from the 90s. In addition to possible webcomics, internet memes, and other surprises that will pop in and out. It’s like a Surprise Bag, but possibly more damaging to your childhood.

Click the link at the top for more information. We’ll start the fun DECEMBER 1ST 2013!

“Split Decision”

In my final game show pitch… it’s something I’ve been holding onto for the longest time. Something that I’ve said “save it” for the longest time, but I figure it’s worth finally putting out there on the internet… mostly because I’ve already tried this game out.


Split Decision is a quiz show in which four players work as a team to build a pot of up to $100,000 (or $1,000,000), the easy part is coming up with the money, the difficult part is when they must come up with a Split Decision.

In each episode of Split Decision, four players are put in isolation booths, so they’ve never seen nor heard any of the other players throughout the game. Inside their podium is a touch screen monitor with the question and four choices, as well as a blank check, for the next part of the game.


In each “round” of play, one of the four contestants will be brought out to center stage to interact with the host. They will be the only person allowed to communicate with the players in the booths. The host will ask a question with FOUR possible answers. And that contestant only has 60 seconds to come up with the answer, as well as the other players.

While you are not penalized for incorrect answers, coming up with a split decision (2 pick “A” 1 picks “B” 1 picks “C” does devalue the question)

For every correct answer the teammates get, $1,000 will be added to the pot
For every correct answer the captain gets, is double, $2,000.Therefore a total of $5,000 per question
And with 5 questions a round – $25,000 is up for grabs.

In the “Million Dollar” format, there are 10 Questions A Round.
$5,000 for a correct answer, with $10,000 for the captain chair.
Making the total $25,000 a question, and $250,000 a round.

After the five questions have gone, the “captain” reenters their booth, and a new “captain” from the remaining players joins up. We rinse and repeat the same round until all four players have entered center stage.


After all 20 questions have been asked. We reveal the total pot that’s being played for in tonight’s game. The contestants know what the total is, as well as the performance of the other team members… in the form of “percentage of correct answers” (Answers Correct x 5% = PERCENTAGE)

They then get 30 seconds to talk it over with their team over how to split the money. Will it be even four ways? Will the strongest and smartest get more money? Will somebody try and convince everybody to give them all of it?

Once the time is up, the contestants must write down the amount of money they want to take home tonight. If the sum total of all four checks is less than OR equal to the total of their bank, they will win all four checks. However, if the total is even a dollar more, the checks are voided and they all walk away empty-handed.

One by one, the checks are revealed, and the contestants meet up for the first time in center stage, but will it be to celebrate or in commiseration?


Murdering People For Deals!

Hey today is Friday… not just any Friday mind you, but this mythical “holiday within a holiday” called Black Friday.

While the “Black Friday” is generally the time when retail stores give “the best deals for stuff” in the hopes you give it to the people you love, as it turns out – it’s not so much about “giving” as it is “getting”.

At the Holiday Season, people give as a token of appreciation. The phrase “It’s better to give than receive” and the phrase “it’s the thought that counts… did you get a gift receipt?” is often said. It’s pretty much the most selfish day of the year. And here’s a major shocker parents – most of the shit that your kid wants for christmas/channukah/who cares – IT ISN’T ON SALE!

No, you are not gonna get a PS4 or an Xbox One for $99. You might get a Wii-Mini, but even then your kid is gonna complain because “it wasn’t the Wii-U”. You really are better off just looking it up on Amazon or Toys R Us RIGHT NOW instead of getting in an elbow match over the last Turboman figurine.

It just cracks me up how in this time of year, when we are supposed to be at peace, and everybody is supposed to be happy about spending money, and ramming shopping carts into people to get a television, that there is this sort of anarchy going on at the shopping malls.

To everybody who works in retail on Black Friday with their “Midnight Doorbusters”, you have my pity. Even if this article was posted AFTER thanksgiving, you still have my pity. Sorry you will be yelled at by a bunch of animals…. hopefully you can have a break where you can relax for a bit.

Because as far as Black Friday goes – it’s pretty crazy, and while I’ve gone the last few years. There really is NO reason to go. You don’t get any deals, none. Unless you REALLY want something 30-40% off the price.

I just wait til after christmas, when every toy store and electronics store looks like my room – dvds scattered all over the place, with things falling apart needing a complete remodel.

…but at least the deals on cell phones are pretty good too, i suppose.


“Bank On It”


This was possibly the worst idea I’ve had for a game show, especially after watching “How Much Is Enough?” it’s more or less a game of chicken, mixed with the fun of “giving money away”….

$50,000 is up for grabs as four people try and be the most giving, but also the most greedy.


All four contestants start out with $5,000… and can send that money one of five ways..

  • Themselves
  • Opponent 1
  • Opponent 2
  • Opponent 3
  • The Bank

Any money that is sent to “the bank” is out of play for the rest of the game. But any money kept for themselves, belongs to them, as well as any money received by the other opponents.

Once all four people have “wired’ the money, we reveal to the players how much money they “gave away” from the original $5,000. The only thing we don’t reveal to them, is who gave them what amount of money, or what amount went where.

All they can see in front of them is the amount of money they have now, and a button.

Any of the four players could then “Eject” themselves out of the game, by hitting the button and leaving. BUT if nobody hits the button, then whoever has the MOST amount of money, is out of the game. Their money is then added to the bank as well, but is shown for the duration of the game.


With three players left, each player gets an extra $10,000 to play with, in addition to their total from the previous round. However, with one less person to give the money away.

  • Themselves
  • Opponent 1
  • Opponent 2
  • The Bank

But this time, instead of showing how much each person has given away, we show to everybody, how much each person has received. The same rules apply, that someone can press the “eject” button and take the money that they have now. However, whoever has the most amount of money could be out of the game.


Two players left, and this time… it’s a prisoners dilemma with a twist. There is a bank up for grabs with any money that was delivered, as well as any money that was sacrificed by the highest valued player.

But in order to play for that money, you have to RISK everything you have. But if you STAY, you take home the money you have with you.

RISK + STAY = STAY keeps money, RISK gets nothing.
STAY + STAY = BOTH win the money

RISK + RISK = BOTH contestants go “all-in”, whoever has the MOST amount of money from round 2. Wins their total, wins their opponents total, and wins the bank…

In other words, “STAY” means that no matter what, you will take home money…. but if you decide to “RISK” you are actually putting your own earnings on the line to win your opponents and the bank.

I would make the values $25,000 and $50,000 for rounds 1 & 2, but I think that would only work on a nighttime show. There isn’t really any playability for the audience, aside from who they feel has the most amount of money. But I enjoy the idea of a “giveaway” show, that’s about giving just enough to make you win. But theoretically, you could give away $50,000 each episode if a contestant ejects themselves each round, and then there is a RISK-RISK scenario in the final round.

Jordan’s “Depressing Posts” #4 – Teacher

Welcome to the final part of “Depressing Posts” in which I talk about career paths that just can’t happen for me.


Fun fact – before I got a degree in Cinema & Television (obviously, the degree worked well so far), my degree was going to be in Education. I was going to be a teacher, because I felt I was smart enough, it was “more stable” than anything else, and plus – I would be shaking things up.

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