Keeping up with a schedule is hard work…

I am a moderately busy man (okay, not really) but I have posted so many episodes of Hass’ Office that haven’t even showed up here… that I am going to try and promise, but not really promise something.


TUESDAY – Hass Office

The show where I sit on my webcam and pretend it’s an office, and it’s a bitch to convert because it’s an old computer? Yeah, that show. I will keep doing it until my computer dies or if I run out of topics… please watch?

THURSDAY – Hipster Jordan Article

It’s kinda like Hass’ Office, but with text, and text is never fun. But hey you can play “How many times is Jordan gonna fuck up grammar and punctuation”. Because I don’t care enough to go back and add semi-colons. It could be an opinion piece or it could be another one of my “dumb ideas” you’ll never know.

FRIDAY – YouTube Video

Okay, it’s more like “Magic Mixtape Friday”, but sometimes I want to go back to just posting YouTube videos that entertain me.


Your Thoughts?

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