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So let me give you a few bits of context…

First, the tweet started because I saw a video from FOX Animation Domination High Definition (ADHD) Get it ADHD like Attention Deficit Hyper-Disorder… But it makes no sense because every show on Sunday Night’s Animation Domination is already in High Definition (Even Bobs Burgers).

But this video really did strike a cord with me, as a former troll-turned-humorist it kinda struck a cord. Have I finally been “trolled” myself? (Answer: I have many times before).

I am going to probably say this over and over again.


By creating “Troll Face”, you have killed off the idea of Trolling, by defining it by a singular photo. It’s an image that’s supposed to be symbolic of “just kidding fella”. But it’s use incorrectly, because “trolling” could be anything.


  • Posting “u r a dick” on the comments section of a youtube video or tweet
  • Making a Happy Wheels level in which EVERYTHING WAS INVISIBLE
  • Saying one thing, when you meant the other, but have never heard of sarcasm.
  • Crank Calling GameStop asking for Battletoads… even if you weren’t even born when Battletoads came out.
  • YouTube Commentaries
  • Posting personal information about somebody with the intent to Harass.
  • Making a “Twerk Fail” video and then going publicly on your talk show to show it was all fake. (Jimmy Kimmel)

Television is trying to be “Techno-Savvy Cool” – hence why every show and ad need to have #Hashtag on it, followed by a Shazam link for more information… it knows it’s going to die because of the internet.

The Internet has really destroyed major media empires – motion pictures, television, and music. Not for the worst, but for the better. It used to be very difficult to find movies or television shows to spring your interest. Cable Television has so many channels that you can probably find a show based on any occupation in existence. Real Skunk Breeders of Vermont or “Juicing” (about people who work at the Ocean-Spray plant making Cran-Grape juice.)

But with the internet, not only can you find out that this show exists, you can also marathon every episode on Hulu, possibly Netflix, and maybe if you want to (because it’s cheaper than cable) – you can buy every episode ever made on Amazon or iTunes and watch it that way. (Or “Torrents” if you want to be the equivalent of the guy who records VHS tapes and leaves them in a box at the garage sale)

So things like ADHD, with the intent to get the Millennial generation on board by doing quasi-adult swim behavior. Isn’t selling them on watching your television, they will more than likely only subscribe to your YouTube channel for the clips. It’s okay, I was the same way when Newgrounds first started, with Knox’s World claymation and Sprite-Cartoons of Mario and Sonic getting covered in Red paintbrush tool.

As for the PBS Idea Channel, A couple weeks back I made a video about them on Hass’ Office. In it, i talked about it’s psudo-intellectualism by not actually addressing their primary question, but by finding a work-around that based on that similar connection, should mean it’s true. Even though it’s more or less a quick way to get buzz because they referenced a fandom. (BREAKING BAD somethingsomethingsomething… or Can we highculturesomething SUPERNATURAL)

Example : I just made up (because I am not subscribed) : Star Trek can debunk the One-Child Policy in China.
Reason: Because look at Trebles and how they multiply, their overpopulation took out a ship.

Example : The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were the gourmet pizza makers of the past.
Reason: Michaelangelo ordered crazy toppings on pizza, you can now get those same toppings on a pizza in some resturant in new york for $XX.

It goes on like that. So maybe I too, am a “psudo-intellectual” and don’t really know what I am talking about…

But when my twitter conversation ends like this….


I don’t know what to think anymore.


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Hey Giant Bomb,

I’ve been a really big fan of you duders for years. I remember when Patrick got started and people hated on him because he wasn’t really part of “the og gamespot crew”. I don’t hate Patrick here. I know why he’s making a whole bunch of videos – he moved back to Chicago but he doesn’t want to stop making video content for the site.

However, it’s a little too obsessive if almost every other video is “worth playing” “bombin’ the am” or a “solo quick look” which is really just a Scarecam video. It’s not “Spookin’ with Scoops”, it’s just “WOW SPOOKY GAME”. And as much as I enjoy Patrick and what he brings to the table, I don’t need to see his face 24/7 on video games.

(Did you know “Bombin’ The AM” is also a podcast you can get on iTunes? Did you know that despite that being an audio podcast they generally bring up things and show it on camera? If you’re one of those “oh it’s just audio to listen to while doing something else – I tried, I get confused”)

And now, there is this thing with the Occulus Rift, and personally – it’s cool technology. But it’s such a gimmick technology that I feel it’s like Virtual Boy. It’ll have a basic amount of games. But by shielding the person from a controller and instead giving them that “360 panoramic view”… it’s just an overly expensive ipad gyro-game. (See – Labyrinth… not the movie, the app.)

I’m not saying “fuck you giant bomb” and “fuck patrick”, I am just pointing out that there is a whole bunch of Patrick Klepek on my Giant Bomb YouTube feed and not nearly enough other video things. I understand the site will never be the same without Ryan Davis (he really was the glue that made it all fun), but I’m quickly losing interest.

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Hass’ Office – Million Second Quiz

Step into my office as we talk about a game show that’s already over.

Grand Theft Auto VFive was an overrated video game that people bought.


I will admit it, the first time I played Grand Theft Auto – I was probably 8 or 9. It was for the Playstation One and it had a top down screen where you stole cars and shot people. My favorite part was KILLLLL FRENZY

I never felt the urge to steal a car or fire at a crowd of people in real life. Eventually, I played GTA3 in Middle School, you wouldn’t believe the amount of jokes that flew over my head. Same with Vice City and San Andreas.

Then GTA 4 showed up, and I was bored. It was such a decent simulation of actual driving when I had to pay fares and end up in traffic. So much so, I stopped playing it after 2 hours.


Well, for starters – I was probably doing so for novelties sake? I was thinking this game wouldn’t be like any of the other GTA games, and in hindsight – I was right. But many of the problems I have with this came also came from GTA 4.

Grand Theft Auto V-Five is the game that both adults and kids who pretend to be adults or whine to their adult parents to buy for them that is sweeping the world. It’s such a sought-after game, that people impersonated police officers just to get a copy “in advance”. Dumbasses.

But I too am one of those dumbasses that bought this game. I tried my best to avoid spoilers (thanks Let’s Player assholes) and I also tried to limit my knowlege about the game before buying it. At this rate, just because the game is called “Grand Theft Auto” doesn’t mean I should buy it.


It is better than Grand Theft Auto 4. It’s not as good as San Andreas, and personally not as fun as Saints Row IV this year. But it deserves merit for trying a bunch of new things in the familar open-world sandbox.

For starters, three main characters that each tell a different story. Michael wants to do what’s best for the family, but his hot temper gets in the way. Franklin wants to get out of doing crimes to get money, but meeting Michael, he continues. And Trevor, he’s a psychopath that does shit just for enjoyment.

The familar tropes of GTA return, and it’s embodied in these characters. However, as the story progresses – I started giving less of a fuck about the characters and the need to care about them has stopped. TV Shows like “Breaking Bad” in which the villian is the lead character, you still have something to connect with him. You may find 1-2 moments of connection, but then you are stuck driving in traffic for 4 miles to steal a car.

The game has GTA Online, but we are unclear about if it’ll ever show up. Considering that this is pretty much one of “the last games” for this console season. As PS4 and Xbox One are out in a couple months.

The good thing about this game, is it’s ability to replay missions, skip missions (if you get stuck) and having a Taxi pick you up and drive you to the destination of the mission (it’s recommended you “skip”, you may be paying more money. But it’s worth it. And Money is no object in this game)

Although I can’t care about the characters, I can also praise the writing for this game. Yes, GTA has matured as a series. But if you’re a kid wanting to play this because of it’s violence and name recognition. (Talking to you, teenage boys via XBOX LIVE). You will just be yelling “HOLY SHIT” at the explosions. Saints Row 2, 3 and 4 are much better games for you.

Grand Theft Auto is the equivalent of “The Godfather” or “Goodfellas”. Tons of violence and action, but the storyline is the only reason it’s held together. This holds true with this game, but I have fallen asleep holding a controller.

Also, my PS3 froze up a few times while playing it as it loaded up Los Santos.

Also, the autosave didn’t work once, and I had to redo three hours of missions.

But I will recommend it for having so many things to do in the game.



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Magic Mixtape #71 – YES YES YES NO NO NO

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I forgot to upload these in over a month, but here it is – The Magic Mixtape that you know and love. (Luckily, I can say with certainty that I am different from TV Carnage and Everything is Terrible at least)

Hope You Enjoy!

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