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Magic Mixtape #66 – Culture Club

We here at Magic Mixtape feel that we’ve been a little immature over the years, and with this mixtape, we decided to “Class It Up” a bit, and make the most provocative mixtape ever. The best way to watch this is with your mouse on top of a doily it’s that cultural.

Just a regular day.

I’ve read somewhere that the more time people spend on Facebook, the more likely they are to be depressed. I don’t know if that statement holds true or not, but seeing my friends go on vacation, getting married, and having generally a good time is somewhat troubling. While others I see are struggling to figure out what they want to do with their life, worrying about debts and even if their college degree has any meaning. And then there is me – stuck in between happiness and depression. Being optimistic about my future, but pessimistic about the present. I have nothing to show for it but a sense of humor and a Netflix queue filled with movies and shows to pass the time.

So in case, you were ever curious as to what I am doing or what I am up to – hopefully this will answer that very question. So rather you’re having a great day or unsure about what will happen next, I hope this video will help you out and give you a bit of entertainment for at least a couple minutes.

Maybe one day, I will have a professional camera with tripod and proper lighting. But until then, enjoy this video that took about an hour to shoot and edit on a 4th Generation iPod Touch.

Magic Mixtape #65 – On Hiatus, Wait Returning, No Cancelled!

It’s been almost a year since the mixtapes, we’ve streamed bad youtube videos, that site went under, we had liveshows, but weren’t as silly as just showing you the bits that we found hilarious. And now we are back again! Just like Big Brother!

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