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learning about power rangers, power gloves and rotisserie ovens

TWABI – Deck Stacking, Internet Learning

Watch live video from This Was a Bad Idea on

We take a look at 90s VHS tapes on Pokemon Card Game, The Internet and a modern video on British Walmart.

Hello, Goodbye and Thank You.


Watch live video from This Was a Bad Idea on

In this episode, we go “casino shopping”, and enter “the video game” to play some AFV Bingo and finally learn ourselves some customer service from Blockbuster Video.

TWABI – “Team Bone and Leonardo DiCaprio”

Watch live video from This Was a Bad Idea on

We get “outrageous” on our first episode, and learn about urkel and leonardo dicaprio on game shows for teenagers.


I HATE THIS MEME – lol wrong answers

Speaking of image memes, I just don’t like… let’s take a look at this one –


Allow me to start of by saying – isn’t it weird that the writing of “the teacher” matches “the student”?

Secondarily, it’s a PRE-TEST, generally pre-tests aren’t letter-graded, they are generally numerically graded, to show you how many right to prepare for the actual test. (and generally, you get the answers too!)

Now let’s move onto the worst part – THE “JOKE” ANSWERS and the WORTHLESS QUESTIONS

1. In which battle did Napoleon die?

Fair enough question, if this was a history class, we should know it. “His last one” reads off like a bad joke answer on The Hollywood Squares.

2. Where was The Declaration of Independence signed?

Again, another history question. But instead of World History we moved onto US History. The joke answer being “on the bottom of the page” instead of the location. Granted the question wasn’t also specific – are you looking for the town, the building?

3. River Ravi, flows in which state?

“The liquid state” because lol science. But in reality – why would you suddenly get a Geography question on a test after one about Napoleon? Additionally, it doesn’t float in a “state” that Americans would know – like Texas or Delaware. But rather “countries”, the question should have read “What countries does River Ravi flow through?” with the answers being India and Pakistan.

But without calling it “state” and the phrase, we won’t get such a hilarious answer.

4. What is the main reason for divorce?

HOLD THE PHONE! We suddenly went from Social Studies to a personal question about divorce? That’s a quick change-up in the category. Why would this ever, EVER, be a question on a test? Was the teacher looking for an excuse to “divorce” or was this so we can have MARRIAGE be a silly answer?

Either way, makes no sense at all. What’s the correct answer? With the last questions, you can at least get an absolute answer if phrased correctly, but not this.

The main reason of divorce? to break up a committing relationship?

5. What is the main reason for Exams?
So you can make shitty internet memes involving “hilarious” wrong answers, and post them on the internet so you could be a famous for a fraction of a second.

I’m sorry, that’s this test. Where there is no absolute answers, and questions suddenly change from category to category. Now we somehow went to Teaching 101.

6. What can you never eat for breakfast?

Have you ever had a test where THAT was the question? Not in a “find the grammar error” since but in something as insanely stupid as this test. Nevermind the “lol lunch and dinner” joke, because I think we concluded – the guy wrote the quiz himself, wrote the answers himself (as a joke for “the questions”) and then graded himself to post this on the internet.

So for the rest of the questions, we are going to try and answer them “seriously” as if this is a real test.

(because lord knows our educational system is lacking, and this will only encourage more stupid answers)

7. What looks like half an apple?


8. If you threw a red stone into the blue sea, what will it become?

Impossible. because desert rocks (Red Stones) are no where near ocean (Blue Sea).

9. How can a Man go 8 days without sleeping?

Unable to answer this stupid question, because it’s more of a “how can you” than a “true or false – it’s possible a person can go eight days without sleeping”.


10. How can you life an elephant with one hand?

Use that one hand to pull a lever that picks up the elephant on a crane.

11. If you had 3 apples and 4 oranges in one hand and 3 oranges and 4 apples in the other hand, what would you have?

7 apples and 7 oranges

12. If it took, eight men 10 hours to build a brick wall, how long would it take four men to build it?

20 hours, it will take, the people, to build, the brick wall, if you assume, that half the people will take double the time.

13. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Cover it in popsicle sticks and bubble wrap, because that’s 4th grade science and drop it the lowest elevation, because the higher it goes, the larger the force – and the impact it will have.


stop posting stupid answers to stupid questions, i get it – you “found x”. Also, don’t put effort in making a fake test, with fake answers and fake grading just to try and fool people into thinking “I outsmarted the teacher, lol”

Because you didn’t, and people will catch you on it, David.

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