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Gangnam Style (and how I’m two months too late)

Sorry about the long delay, I’ve been busy with COLLEGE STUFFZ™. And one article I was going to try to write about was this hit new dance craze slash music video slash korean pop music song called “Gangnam Style”.

If you haven’t seen it, you must have been frozen in time to the year SEPTEMBER 2012, like me, but just in case –

Now for me, I can figure out why there is a large appeal for “Gangnam Style”

  • Catchy Pop Tune
  • Comedic Music Video (That’s a parody of KPOP videos)
  • It’s asian, therefore IT MUST BE GREAT ON THE INTERNET
  • The dance move is so silly, but easily doable.
  • Because it’s a short asian guy pretending he is awesome.

But here’s the problem…

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