It’s a joke that’s been on the internet for a long time is “MTV DOESN’T HAVE MUSIC ANYMORE”! Additionally, MTV really loves appealing to those “Millennial” kids. So what is the best way to combine the two together? Bringing Back TRL.

It’s an easy premise, showing off 10 music videos each day, with interviews and various games played throughout the show. A revival should probably work sometime now, considering all the social media that’s involved.

  • “Shout Outs” on the bottom of the screen, can now be “Tweets” from Twitter
  • Voting for the best videos of the day could easily be done on “Facebook” with “Likes” being used.
  • Video Shout Outs of “OMG WE LOVE YOU CARSON” can now be done via Skype

And, of course, it presented in HIGH DEFINITION! Look at the backdrop of Times Square in High Definition while kids are screaming for One Direction? That sounds like TRL returning. And considering MTV’s love of reviving old shows like Beavis and Butt-head. It’s only a matter of time until this happens.

Of course, the big problem is “why bother watching TRL, when VEVO is available?” and the same could be said with any Viral Video clip show on television – because you love the atmosphere that the video and content is played in. You watch Tosh.0 for Daniel Tosh, you probably watched TRL for Carson Daly… but with WEB 2.0 Surrounding the internet… we need a new Carson Daly to run with it.

Even if it’s just a “Top 5” of the day, and it’s only 30 second snippets, it’s better than nothing!

Your Thoughts?

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