Tipping Point : A Coin Pusher Game Show!

“Tipping Point” is a brand new quiz show on the UK channel “ITV” in which four contestants rely on wits and luck to win them up to £10,000. The only thing standing between them and the money is an oversized version of a coin pusher machine.

Each coin/token is called a “counter” and each “counter” is valued at £50, every “counter” that falls off the platform and into the “win zone” the money will be added to a player’s pot. This happens throughout the game, at every point including the final.

In round 1, each of the four contestants are awarded 3 coins. A question is asked, and if they are correct they can choose to either play one of their counters or force another contestant to play one. If they are incorrect, they lose a counter which will be placed in a “winner takes all” pool as the final question of this round.

In round 2, the three remaining play a “speed round” where for every question they get right, they win a “counter” to add to their total, and then play them all one at a time. Simple!

In round 3, the final two go head-to-head, they each get three questions, each worth one counter, they can either answer their question or “pass” it to their opponent in the hopes they fail. Because whoever wins the question gets the counter to use. Very confusing when there are passes over who has control and identifying who has control.

In the final round, the winner keeps all the money they made up to that point, places a “jackpot chip” into the game, and have six multiple choice questions to answer. They decide the category and the difficulty of the question (1 for easy, 2 for normal, 3 for Difficult) in the hopes of getting the jackpot chip back out of the machine and into the win zone. After the 6 questions, they can decide to walk away with their earnings or play with three more counters in the hopes of banking on that jackpot chip.

For an hour long show – it really does drag on at times. And with the same lines “we want it to go flat” “X in the win zone, that’s £X” it fades pretty fast. But the element of luck in addition to the quiz, makes it worthwhile.

It would work easily for GSN and here’s how to quickly “AMERICANIZE IT” (and make it fit into a nice half hour)

  • Three Contestants
  • $100 a “Chip”, $25,000 Jackpot in the Final.
  • In Round 1, there are 10 questions, each worth a chip, right answers play chips, wrong answers lock them out and leave it to the other players. Lowest Score is Eliminated.
  • In Round 2, there are another 10 questions, and whoever has the most of the two goes onto the final.
  • In the bonus round they play a “Speed Round” where they try and answer as many questions as possible within 90 seconds. The more correct, the more chips earned to get out the jackpot chip.
  • If they are unsuccessful, they can trade their earnings for a final 30 seconds of questions for chips.
  • Give it to an up-and-comer, because anybody who can make coin pushing for 22 minutes interesting might wind up hosting another game show at the end.

The reason I am bringing up GSN, is because everything about this show feels like their “Lingo” revival as well as “Catch 21” in a $25,000 prize, but probably won’t be won in favor of a $2,000 payout. “Tipping Point” has a ton of kinks to work out as far as the rounds we’re designed. Instead of changing things up, it would have worked better if they kept it all the same. Each round has different pacing and it feels awkward watching.

It’s interesting telly as they say, but I’m ready to fall asleep if I watch another black or white plastic coin fall down a plinko board again.


6 thoughts on “Tipping Point : A Coin Pusher Game Show!

  1. do the other contestants get to keep the money they accumalated

  2. Mike Lamb says:

    Whats the point of going on the show if you dont get to keep what you have accumulated.
    The monetary value might as well be points until you reach the final and then the points are then turned into pounds!

  3. Make’s it very uninteresting knowing the looser don’t keep the money, average win of a few K is a cheap game show

  4. If the last contestent decides to keep the cash he has won – does he release the last three tokens or does the mavhine automatically do it

    • Jordan says:

      It determines how long they have left, but what they do is they play it out (which section) and press the button accordingly but just edit it so all three are played and it takes roughly a minute to get through all of them.

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