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Double Fine paves the future…

Tim Schaffer, professional video game developer and Jack Black standee recently made a proposal, asking for money to help develop his next video game title – “Double Fine Adventure”. He wanted $400,000 but instead he got over $1,000,000 within 24 hours, an amazing accomplishment considering he didn’t offer up controling interest in his company, shares or anything business related – except possibly a lunch.

He used the website one of my favorite websites in the whole wide world (wide web). Kickstarter is a website in which people can ask for money to kickstart some of their creative projects. They have a deadline to get their funding, and if it isn’t reached, they don’t get a dime. A very intense website for those pitching, because sometimes the projects funding can be furnished or destroyed because of mere dollars.

Alternatively the website IndieGoGo offers the same  “please donate money” platform similar to Kickstarter. Some people prefer this over Kickstarter, but that’s up for you, the reader, to decide. I’m more partial to Kickstarter because of the layout, but that’s beside the point.

Both of these websites are amazing because it shows the power of a single dollar. Each dollar added is a dollar in support of a new project, a new idea. Those that are brilliant or show mass appeal are going to get funded and greenlighted similar to any pitch you might give to venture capitalists or movie studios. The difference being – no “middle-man” and the donators might get something in return, such as a copy of the movie or some wonderful personalized items.

At first, I’ve been disgusted by the thought of begging for the internet to lend you money. It’s almost like being a panhandler to the noisiest street corner ever designed. But now I’ve learn to appreciate it, for there to be a mutual trust between the donator and the donated into not screwing up their project. I’m sure many projects were funded only to be left with “So Long, Suckers!” or projects were funded with tons of money in the pocket, but when it comes to the final project, it ends up being terrible. Would anybody really want to donate on another documentary about video games?

But this is what the future might be like, musicians are already trying to use the internet to get their voice across, and entrepreneurs are trying it right now with Kickstarter, It’ll only be a matter of time before you see Radio Stations, Television Producers and Movie Directors get their funding via the internet in the near future… that is if they get parents approval of course.

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