The Best Scoring System!

People are mad at the scoring system of video games, movies, or whatever. There are so many ideas of a scoring system that we now have to have a “metacritic” score. is 4/5 another way of saying 40/50 or 80/100 or B-? Is a 5 out of 10 really terrible, or is it ‘average’ as people want to believe?

If you’ve seen webster, or the Busy Street liveshow, you’ll know that I’ve invented a scoring system that goes from -5 to +5.

It makes it easy for the audience – because a “positive” score means “i liked it”, a “negative” score means “i did not like it” and the score of a zero means “i’m indifferent”.



You wish this never existed. You want to forget about it as soon as possible and pretetend it never happened. Don’t buy it, don’t even look at it. If you see it for a dollar, don’t even buy it as a memento. Nothing about it is worthwhile.

-4 : VERY BAD!

If you want to be a masochist and want to watch something bad, this is for you. It’s terrible, but if you can come out with one positive, then it belongs here. You might have that feeling watching Alvin and the Chipmunks : Chipwrecked.


It’s bad, you aren’t watching it. It’s most of the movies that take up Comedy Central’s line-up or a game based off a license. It’s tiresome, and is just made for the sake of profit, not entertainment.


You played it, and were disappointed it couldn’t be better than you imagined. You watched the movie and felt it was missing a few pieces, or had a ton of unanswered questions.


Hey you watched something, and have that “well i don’t know” as to why you don’t like it. I mean it’s not the worst thing in the world, and odds are there is a fanbase that loves this, you just don’t fit in with that crowd.


Unknown. Your brain is mush, you can’t describe what you saw. Was it bad? Was it good? It was “a movie” or “a game”.


You played it, and liked it. Unknown as to why you liked it, but hey it’s better than an eye-gouging.


For now, it’s good, maybe in a couple months or years, it’ll be forgetable and just become “another movie”. Remember that one movie with that one guy? This is that movie.


You played it, and it was enjoyable. When you beat the game, you might trade it off for credit or leave it on the shelf until you get the urge to replay.


There is rarely anything you can gripe about the movie or game, almost flawless, but it’s big on fun. Your Saints Row The Third or 300 movies go here.

+5 : IT’S A BUY!

If you don’t own a copy of this, you will lose friends and gain enemies. Somehow, someway you need to get it. Rather it’s a DVD or Video Game, you need to see this. It’s game of the year, movie of the year or whatever of the year. Completely enjoyable.

One thought on “The Best Scoring System!

  1. Graham says:

    This is my rating system:

    “I like it.”
    “It stinks.”

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