Remember when this was called “pound key”, or when you were a kid “tic tac toe”?

Today, it’s called “hashtag” and it’s used frequently on the website, Twitter.

With this “hashtag”, people can come up with lame sayings, categories or themes for their tweets.

  • “If you can’t stand the wheat get out of the kitchen. #breadpuns”
  • “I can’t get out of the backseat because of child safety locks. #FirstWorldProblems”
  • “Milkshake. #MyFavoriteKelisSong”

The big thing is to become a “trending topic” on Twitter, which right now consists of Professional Wrestlers and Jimmy Fallon forced hashtags. The media loves to hear ‘your thoughts’ through twitter and facebook.

Such as the daily hour long “sexting specticle” that is Attack of the Show, they spend a few minutes on the show each day staring at the monolithic “Twitter Wall” to hear what you have to say using the hashtag #AOTS (or #EpicWhatever or #WINterbreak or something equally as memeducing.) . In reality, this is to generate viewership. The equivalent of having your favorite YouTuber go “So what do you think about ____? Leave a comment letting me know.”

The only difference being that AOTS does seem to give somewhat of a shit about what you have to say each day. Even if what is listed on the twitter wall was placed there by a production assistant whose only job for 70 minutes is to pick and choose what tweets get posted on the twitter wall each day.

Don’t believe me? Next time Attack of the Show goes on, try and tweet “KEVIN PEREIRA CAN SUCK MY DICK #aots” and see if it ends up on the twitter wall, probably not. And even if it did, Kevin will probably deny you unless you’re Gackt.

But that’s not the only hour-long liveshow that incorporates twitter, there is also the news.

MSNBC, CNN and sometimes even Fox News are around the clock news organizations, and because they shell out the same dribble over and over again with each passing hour, they try to liven things up by “asking your thoughts” through their personal Twitter and Facebook accounts. These questions are then ignored, but if it’s frequently asked and they have an “expert”, who is there to sell their book, they might ask them that very question.

But once again, it’s picked and chosen by some Production Assistant, who has this as their main job, that and making sure Anderson Cooper’s car isn’t double parked.

It’s apparently very important that for minutes, hours or days something becomes “Trending Worldwide” on Twitter. Sadly, none of the things said by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or John “John Cena” Cena were trending worldwide that night. But it goes to show that WWE is desperate to gain social networking status. Zack Ryder became a success all thanks to it. But it’s really difficult to write storylines when the entire social network rumor around with what’s going to happen next. It’s not the 90s anymore.

Jimmy Fallon uses Hashtags as part one of his Late Night segments, where people tweet off whatever is the “hashtag” of the week is. Such as “Keep Your Pants On”

I just think it’s weird referring to people by usernames, such as “LumberKnight” here, Instead of “Joshua”, “Rachael”, or “Steve” we have “CaptBlammo”, “FullMetalAlchemist126” and “FuckMaster69”, all wonderful people you can bring to your parents house. Twitter does have a “Real Name” feature on the site, you can write a name there. Reading off “Harry” is better than reading off “Bonerland”.

And now they are trying to encourage you to “tweet along with the show”, with shows like #FearFactor , #Glee , #XFactorUSA, #Survivor, #2andHalfMen and #BBUK. Of course none of your tweets will make it on the show, and sometimes they might get confused with one of those “category tweets”. #2BrokeGirls could easily explain whatever happened to Salt’n’Pepa, for instance.

I understand that NBC is trying to get people to promote the show through Twitter and by incorporating hashtags. It can easily be traceable in the event that it ends up being a trending topic on twitter. But is putting that hashtag on the screen REALLY going to help draw new viewers? Is having to suffer from “Cee Lo Green looks like The Grimace #TheVoice” tweets on Twitter¬†enough?

What’s next? You’re going to put shows on-hiatus if they weren’t successful in their Hashtags?

Your Thoughts?

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