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Year In Review – December 2011

And now we’re approaching the end of our wild look at 2011 with December, As you may have guessed, not that much has been going on because of “the holidays”, but that doesn’t mean things happened. Here’s what happened in the final month of December 2011.


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Year In Review – November 2011

And now we are in November, this is the time of year when television decides to cancel all of its “popular” shows in favor of their second chances. Also, it’s the time of year when video game companies unleash their “Triple A” Titles in the hopes that you buy them as Early Christmas presents. Also, Thanksgiving in the States, with hilarity ensuing.


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Year In Review – October 2011

Oh watch out, this post is HAUNTED! It’s very SPOOOOKY! It’s October the time of year when children are wondering who to be for Halloween – The Kid from Bakugan, The Scream Guy or Charlie Sheen. Surprisingly, the answer was none of them, instead it was “Mario & Luigi”. Which shows how messed up this month really was.


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Year In Review – September 2011

We now enter September, when school begins to many students. But for those working people, it’s just another month down the line. But it’s also the time for media to bring out “the best” that they’ve kept from us for so long.


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Year In Review – August 2011

And now we are entering the end of the summer months with August, children are groaning because they have to go back to school, and I made the word “revamp” an internet meme all on its own. But exactly what the hell was going on? Well let me tell you…


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